William (Bill) Papazian

Bill Papazian worked in Farrell Fritz’s corporate department from 1987 to 1990. He has been living in Phoenix, AZ since 1997.

bill-papazianWhat are your “vital stats”?
After the great start and foundation given to me at Farrell Fritz, my career took off in a direction that eventually led to 10 years spent serving as EVP, General Counsel and Board Member of a publicly traded Native American casino development and management company.

In 2001, I founded my company, Lightstone Solutions, LLC, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that provides investigative due diligence for FCPA and other regulatory/transactional compliance, computer forensics, complex investigations and research and gaming regulatory consulting. Our clients include FORTUNE 500 companies, Federal, State, Tribal and local government gaming and non-gaming regulatory agencies, international gaming companies and gaming equipment manufacturers, public pension funds and international law firms.

On the personal side, I am turning 54 this September. My children are all grown and the first two are done with college, Alexandra (23), William Jr. (22) and Michael (17). They are all doing great and I’m proud of their accomplishments.

I just celebrated my one year anniversary with my wife Vartinae who is the most amazing person I know. She came here as an Armenian refugee from Iraq when she was 17. When she was 25 she received the terrible news that her younger brother had been kidnapped and killed by extremists. Her response to this tragedy was to want to give back to the U.S. for the safety it provided her, and she served our country as a translator in the combat field in Iraq through the Department of Defense for four years. We met shortly after her tour was over. Vartinae is pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology at ASU and we plan to start a family. She is a blessing to me and my grown children have a beautiful relationship with her.

I am a fitness buff and the gym is a big part of my life. I find the time for some hobbies, the most fun is racing. My passion is assisting my youngest, Michael (@djmpoweraz), in pursuing his career as a professional DJ. He is to my knowledge the first professional DJ with Down Syndrome and he has taken it by storm!

What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject was fencing. I hope to take some classes and get back into it.

Who knows you the best?
My wife and my youngest son know me better than anyone; they read me like a book!

You can e-mail Bill at bpapazian@lightstonesolutions.com.

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